Over time carryback can create serious problems for your conveyor system, including mistracking, accelerated belt wear and the seizing of return idlers. That’s why we offer a wide variety of belt cleaning systems that can efficiently remove even the toughest, stickiest material. Plus, our systems are specially designed to minimize belt wear and interface seamlessly with mechanical fasteners.

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  • Effective Interfacing - Bulk Handling Today

    In underground mining, effective belt conveyor maintenance has two key goals: preventing surprise belt failures, and keeping repair downtime to a minimum.

  • Cleaner Belts for Fulton Hogan - Quarry

    Having trouble with significant amounts of material being carried back along the underside of your conveyors? Fulton Hogan’s Poplar Lane quarry in New Zealand found a solution.

  • Splice of Life - World Mining Equipment

    Mexico’s newest underground mine is finding that it can reduce conveyor downtime by an impressive 5%, allowing it to achieve 85% belt availability by using new mechanical belt fasteners and belt cleaners.

  • Cutting Batch Plant Clean up Costs - Aggregates and Roadbuilding

    Evaluate all opportunities and you may find that the savings from lost material reduction alone can pay for at least one belt cleaner per conveyor in less than a year.

  • A Clean Sweep - Pit and Quarry

    A switch to lower-cost conveyor wiper blades solves a downtime problem for an Illinois earthmoving project. Read how a massive operation relied on ConShear™ blades to keep the belts clean.