Mineline® products have been designed and engineered to work — day in and day out — in some of the toughest applications in the world. Regardless of the application, whether it be underground coal mining, port loading facilities, or other heavy tonnage applications that test the strength and durability of your conveyor system, Mineline® is the answer. Customers have come to expect a Flexco belt conveyor product with the Mineline® brand by its name to excel — even in situations where other products have failed.

MXP Extreme Duty Precleaner

The Extreme Duty Precleaner (MXP) is the largest, most rugged cleaner in the Flexco offering. 


DRX Impact Beds

Sturdy components, robust construction, and convenient maintenance options have earned the DRX3000 Impact Bed our Mineline® designation, and a place among our most durable, rugged products. Ideal for harsh environments, its Energy Impact Absorbers protect your conveyor from even the most severe loads.


Flex-Seal Skirting System

Flex-Seal™ Skirting System is a dynamic containment unit that fully seals the loading zone to stop material spillage, control dust emissions, belt and component wear, and other related problems.

RMC1 Skirting System


Flex-Lag® Full Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Features the highest coefficient of friction available in lagging materials — two to three times the friction of rubber in wet, muddy, or dry conditions.


MHS Heavy-Duty and Reversing Secondary Cleaner

A secondary belt cleaner designed to maintain superior cleaning efficiency, even on the most abusive, sticky, wet carryback.

MHS Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Secondary Belt Cleaner

Designed to deliver and maintain superior cleaning efficiency, even on the most demanding, abusive beltlines, the MHS Stainless Steel is the new answer to tough belt cleaning problems.


MMP Medium Mine-Duty Precleaner

MMP Medium Mine-Duty Precleaner is the ideal solution for tough applications that call for more than a standard-duty system, but don’t require the aggressiveness of heavy-duty cleaner.


MHP Heavy-Duty Precleaner

The MHP Heavy-Duty Precleaner battles the worst environments with the most abrasion-resistant urethane blade Flexco offers. Features multiple options to ensure it fits the
application perfectly.

MHCP Heavy-Duty Cartridge Precleaner

One of most rugged cleaners, the MHCP Heavy-Duty Cartridge Precleaner has been engineered to handle the most abusive conditions –– such as wet, sticky fire clay –– while maintaining constant cleaning force.


MHS Secondary Cleaner with Service Advantage Cartridge™

This cleaner features our new enhanced Service Advantage Cartridge™. Three easy-to-use removal options ensuring greater ease of maintenance.


H-Type® Precleaner

The H-Type Precleaner with vulcanized tips is built Mineline® tough — rugged and ready for use in the most demanding environments. Its impact-resistant steel base, corrosion-resistant powder coating, and durable tungsten carbide tips have been proven to perform in harsh material handling applications such as coal, iron ore, and hard rock mining.

U-Type® Secondary Cleaner

Features superior belt cleaning efficiency — especially in tough applications with wet, sticky carryback materials. Also excellent for cupped conveyor belts and belts with worn centers.


Stainless Steel U-Type® Secondary Belt Cleaner

Designed for the toughest applications, especially those requiring removal of water and sticky carryback materials, the Stainless Steel U-Type® Secondary Cleaner provides constant blade-to-belt contact for the highest cleaning efficiency.