Food and Pharmaceuticals

In sanitary operations, adherence to regulatory standards and easy conveyor cleanup are essential. Having the best belt splice for your sanitary application is important. That's why we have multiple splicing options for you to choose from.

For belts requiring frequent removal for cleaning, one of our mechanical belt fasteners may be the best choice for you. Simply remove the hinge pin and you have easy access to clean the belt and conveyor structure. There are a variety of fasteners made from stainless steel and also two types of plastic fasteners made from FDA compliant materials. The splices can be installed by your on-site crew, right on the conveyor — greatly reducing downtime.

Endless splicing is another viable, and often preferred, option for operations that must maintain high standards of cleanliness. With our Novitool® line of endless splicing products, you can create a smooth, seamless, and sanitary splice in minutes.